Walkways & Custom Canopies

Canopy Types

At InPro, we don’t believe in one size fits all. That’s why we offer many different solutions, in a variety of different styles to best fit our customer’s needs.

We have several covered walkway options and we can design and build many different types of custom canopies including: aluminum and steel airfoils, louvers and box gutter canopies, eyebrow canopies and polycarbonate panel canopies. Most are delivered pre-assembled and all are designed and fabricated to meet your specific needs.

Our custom canopies and covered walkway systems can all be engineered and we can provide installation or ship the canopy or covered walkway to your project site.

Finding the Right Covered Walkway or Canopy

Each customer is looking for a solution that best fits their specific needs, and with so many options to choose from it can be difficult to find the right canopy . That’s where InPro can help.

Our team members will help you in the decision making process, the installation, and the insure you understand future maintenance requirements. We can help you decide what the best canopy solution is for your specific project and your budget.

Our experts are knowledgeable in all of our products and features, so you can count us to point you in the right direction.

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